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Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Door Right Away

Repair or Replace? Ask the Professional Door Contractor

Generally speaking, people tend to think about their doors when they start to show the first indications of troubles. Doors have a temporary lifespan and it is important for all to know the early signs of deterioration. By knowing them, you will know when to call a skilled door contractor before your home’s safety is seriously compromised. Some homeowners decide to get them repaired but if you face these signs, you need to consider a replacement right away:

  • Drafts: If you have any doubts for drafts coming from your door, you can perform a simple test. Just take a candle and go along with all the edges of your entry door. Just make sure you have closed all windows before that. If the flame goes out, that means two main things. Your door is simply beyond repair or its sealant is damaged. You can try to check and add a new sealant but oftentimes, this doesn’t help.
  • Loud noises: Squeaky hinges are another obvious indicator of a door that is crying for a replacement. Maintenance and lubrication can only postpone the inevitable. These sounds are not only annoying, they mean it can collapse during operation at any moment.
  • Visible cracks: If your front door is visibly damaged and you don’t need a magnifier to see all the defects, this is another typical indication that it has reached the point of no return. Cracks and holes can be like a welcome greeting for both thieves and pests. Your entry door is supposed to be tightly fitting to the frame and not letting a single sun ray going through it.
  • It is outdated: If you have recently remodeled your home and your front door looks so outdated, you should consider replacing it with a newer one. Providing it with some cosmetic changes such as painting or staining may not help. You will need a new model that will protect your home and increase its value as well.

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