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The Main Risks of DIY Door Installation

Your Respectable Door Contractor Advises


Do you think you are blessed with the rare DIY personal skills to tackle minor home improvements? So, you can lay tiles, fix your malfunctioning microwave oven, and repair your drywall with a few holes from popped nails. But can you install large and heavy doors? Our skilled door contractor would like to warn about the risks of DIY door installations:

When installing a door and more specifically, an entrance door, you have to ensure all the requirements and standards about the proper installation process are met. After all, your safety and security are at stake. You are not only responsible for screwing all the nails but also positioning the door in a way its operation is safe for your loved ones. That means it won’t fall off the hinges over a precious family member of yours. If you accidentally miss even one nail or fail to read the installation manual, you can make a mistake you will regret for the rest of your life.

There is one more thing you have to know in advance. DIY door installation work can void your warranty. Unless you are a door & window installation specialist yourself, you should never tackle such a serious job on your own. So, check the paperwork first and make sure you hire a knowledgeable and scrupulous installer. Otherwise, you risk voiding your workmanship warranty.

One more reason to engage a professional in that project is that they work only with top-notch materials and specialized tools. The ones you can find in the local store might not be sufficient to guarantee desirable results. Full-service window & door companies use only high-performance materials and supplies for impeccable installations and repairs.

Are you sure you are willing to spend your entire weekend putting your doors in place? If you want to spend some quality time with your relatives, we recommend you hire the local experts who will get the job done much faster.

So, if you are already convinced that your installations require the intervention of a qualified and proficient door contractor, turn to Exterior Solutions LLC. We are in Green Bay, WI and waiting to receive your calls at (920) 321-4017. You won’t be sorry!